Monday, June 18, 2018


Welcome to another VINYLUCKY communication.

Almost 9 years on and VINYLUCKY is still THE place where you can find GREAT music on the VINYL format. Be it on LP, 12" or 7" singles, we have something special for EVERYONE.

CELEBRATE the GOOD LIFE with GREAT music on VINYL from the people who take great care & pride in bringing in only the best quality available.

Scan & browse our more than 13,500 LPs, 12", & 7" singles from a wide variety of music including Pop, Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Soul, Funk, R&B, Classical, Instrumentals, Orchestral Music, World Music, Elevator Music & many much more.

Listen to any unsealed record through our now fabled retro-style stereo system tuned & customized to play a live & lively sound (not to mention LOUD).

We have re-opened our exclusive membership program again for a limited time. Purchase any records worth more than SGD$ 250/= and receive a complimentary membership status for life.

Also not forgetting our renowned Professional 2-step vinyl record cleaning service utilizing 2 separate machines and our specially formulated cleaning solution that is sure to remove any & all contaminants, dirt, grease, grime, dust that is present on the surface & deep grooves of records.

Bring along your long-forgotten record collection and be amazed at how quiet & wonderful they can sound after our cleaning method.

We have a lovely selection of cartridges, cables, accessories, paper inner sleeves & outer plastic sleeves.

Come over to:

VINYLUCKY Music & Audio
No: 1 Coleman Street
Unit # B1-42 (Basement One)
Singapore 179803

Tel: 6336-9071
Mobile: 9384-2565

                                                " A Place Where Great Music Lives ! "

                                  THE GOLD STANDARD IN VINYL RECORDS sm