Saturday, February 24, 2018


Welcome to another Vinylucky communication.

More & more people are discovering the joy & pleasures of listening to music on the vinyl records format. We have been helping many of our clients make new discoveries & provide valuable advice on how best to navigate the exciting but sometimes confusing maze of the audio-world.

We have many years of field experience required to objectively provide useful insights & recommendations on how best to proceed in putting together a music playback system that will most definitely give many years of dependable service. Speak to us before making that important equipment upgrade.

Not forgetting what the equipment is for: to playback great music. And that we have lots of; to the tune of 13,500 LPs/12"/7" with music of almost every genre & description.

Spend at least $250/= & get 20% discount OFF records purchase & receive a free LP tote bag (limit 01 tote bag per customer per visit).

We accept AMEX, VISA, MasterCard & good old cash. Come visit us at:

VINYLUCKY Music & Audio
The Adelphi
No: 1 Coleman Street
Unit # B1-42 (Basement One)
Singapore 179803

Tel: 6336 9071
Mobile: 9734 2565

Opening Hours: 12 noon to 8:00 pm (Mondays to Saturdays except Fridays)
                           3:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Fridays
                           CLOSED most Sundays

                                              " A Place Where Great Music Lives ! "
                                  THE GOLD STANDARD IN VINYL RECORDS sm