Friday, December 9, 2016


Welcome to another Vinylucky communication.

We thank & welcome new clients from Myanmar, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Germany, Greece, Holland, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, India, The Philippines & England amongst others. Thank you for making Vinylucky your preferred place for fine quality vinyl records & great service.

With Christmas & the Holiday season around the corner what better way to show your appreciation to your loved ones, friends, colleagues & business associates by giving them the wonderful gift of music-on vinyl records. We have a wide selection of fine quality records of most every genre of music & tastes. We have also brought in a small selection of Christmas themed LPs for your consideration.

We also have GIFT CERTIFICATES in convenient denominations of SGD$50/= that do not have expiry dates. The perfect gift idea.

Scan & browse our collection of more than 13,500 fine quality LPs/12" & 7" singles. Music styles range from Pop to Rock, Jazz to Blues, Soul to Funk, Classical to Instrumental, Reggae to World Music. From ABBA to Zappa & most everything in between. New, Pre-owned, Vintage, Collectible, Hard-to-find, Limited Editions, Rarities & Novelties. All in one convenient location.

Listen to any unsealed record through our Custom assembled stereo system fine-tuned to emanate the most wonderful musical & lively sound for the enjoyment of  music aficionados & all. Spend at least SGD$250/= on records and receive a 20% discount and a lifetime membership programme.

Visit us at :

VINYLUCKY Music & Audio
No: 1 Coleman Street
Unit # B1-42 (Basement One)
Singapore 179803

Tel: 6336-9071
Mobile: 9384-2565

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