Thursday, July 31, 2014


Welcome to another VINYLUCKY communication.

The past few years has seen a tremendous growth in terms of new people getting into the vinyl culture for the first time & even more that are embracing again after giving up the format some years ago in favour of the so-called "hi-rez digital " formats.

We continue to provide guidance & education to those people who can't seem to figure out how best to approach & sustain the vinyl record hobby to it's successful momentum & pace. Our more than 30 years of field experience has given us the tools & expertise required to provide our clientele with the proper advice & support to efficiently navigate the maze that is the hi-fi world.

With so many choices & options made available it does cause many people to be disillusioned & simply give up the idea from the onset. We offer advice on proper equipment selection based on listening tastes, preferences & biases.

We have in stock more than 13,500 LPs/12"/7" singles at any one time. Our Gold Standard Master Reference Collection offers many music genres from the usual Pop to Rock, Jazz to Blues, Soul to Funk, Reggae to Ska, Punk to New Wave, Oldies to Goodies & many much more in between. We most definitely have something for each & everyone who truly loves music.

Purchase any records worth more than SGD$250/= and receive a 20% discount for a limited time. Please mention this ad to enjoy the discount.

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