Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New lot of LPs just-in.

Welcome to another Vinylucky communication.

We have just received a large pile of LPs from the US and in the process of sorting and pricing. Be among the first few to preview the selection. Many hard-to-find titles in this shipment.

We also provide Singapore's most effective record cleaning service utilising 2 record cleaning machines with our specially formulated cleaning solution which is sure to remove any & all dust, dirt & grime embedded on the surface & grooves of the record. After more than 4 years and 15,000 LPs cleaned we can safely lay claim that no other cleaning method is more effective within reasonable cost.

 Start digging out those dirty old records and breathe new life into them. Be amazed at how wonderful those old records can sound given a proper clean and optimal playback solutions. We have a great many years of field & personal experience that our clients can draw from in terms of turntable selection, matching & set-up. Discuss with us options that would fit your needs & wants.

We also have always in-stock at least 13,500 LPs/12"/7" singles with a wide range of music from ABBA to Zappa & most everything in between. Listen to any unsealed record through our now widely known retro-style stereo system to  play a loud & lively style of sound.

Come visit us at:

VINYLUCKY Music & Audio
No: 1 Coleman Street
The Adelphi
Unit # B1-42 (Basement One)
Singapore 179803

Tel: 6336-9071
Mobile: 9384-2565

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