Saturday, August 17, 2013


Welcome to another VINYLUCKY communication.

We thank new clients from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, France, Germany, The UK, India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Japan, The Philippines and Holland. Welcome to a select group of people who places great importance of music in their lives with quality as a priority.

We have just received a selection of LPs/12" from Europe from our regular "sourcerers" who regularly visit the many interesting record fairs over there. Be among the first to preview the collection.

Also not forgetting the more than 13,000 LPs/12" singles from our legacy master collection with music from Pop to Rock, Soul to Funk, Blues to R&B, Classical to Orchestral Music, World Music to Instrumentals, Jazz to Fusion and many much more. We have something special for everyone.

Listen to any unsealed LP/12" through our retro-style stereo system before making a purchase decision. Buy more than SGD$250/= worth of records this month of August and receive a 20% discount. Offer not valid for non-vinyl products.

We are located at:

Music & Audio
No: 1 Coleman Street
The Adelphi
Unit # B1-42 (Basement One)
Singapore 179803

Tel: 6336-9071
Mobile: 9384-2565


                                             " A Place Where Great Music Lives ! "