Friday, July 24, 2009

Hi to one and all and welcome to a VINYLUCKY vinyl communication. Having been introduced to the vinyl LP medium in the early 1980s, I have went through many many ups and downs, joy and sorrow and changes in the way people listen to music through the generations.

From the humble compact cassette which was the cheapest medium at that time and through to the introduction of CD technology in the early 80s, the vinyl medium have withstood all that was hurled at it and have emerged stronger and better than before.

With a plethora of turntables, MC/MM cartridges and tonearms available and a bewildering choice of new and reissue vinyl LPs it is hard not to be fascinated by this already more than 60 year old technology that is still as relevant as it was during it's hey-day. The numerous refinements made to the stylus and record interface made it possible for even the novice or lay-person to hear the difference and superiority of the format.

With the emergence and wide-spread mass downloading of music material over the internet has made the vinyl format even more interesting and even cool as one is able to get "closer" to the music in a manner of speaking. It is now quite fair to say that if one is "into" vinyl they belong to a community of people who know and enjoy the finer things in life similar to fine food and wine.

With a sustainable support base, I am confident that the vinyl format will still be relevant in the coming years and beyond. For as long as the current digital technology still not being able to offer a significant improvement in the enjoyment of music, the vinyl format will until such time be the format of choice for the "real" music lovers and connoisseurs despite it's perceived lack of ease of use and maintenance requirements.

Watch this space for future updates discussing about music and audio and in particular the vinyl record format. CHEERS!